Planetarium Venue Requirements

The planetarium dome must be set up indoors. It needs a minimum clear floor area of 6 metres by 8 metres. Ideally, the ceiling height at the centre of the dome should be at least 3.2 metres. The planetarium requires only one standard 240 volt electrical power outlet. A hall or gym is ideal provided the floor surface is wooden or carpeted. A cleared classroom or double assembly room is often large enough.


























Venue Requirements.png

Is the dome safe?

Yes! The planetarium dome is made from a highly opaque, flame retardant, reflective fabric. It is not fastened to the classroom floor. Should an emergency occur at the school or venue, the dome can be easily lifted from within, and the audience is clear.

Can the dome accommodate wheelchairs?

Students in wheelchairs are most welcome and can enter while two helpers lift the side of the dome momentarily. Those on crutches can also enter in a similar fashion.

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