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With over 750 Sydney schools visited over a 24 year period, Geoff has given around 8,000 presentations to date. Those that have experienced his shows know that pre-recorded commentary or movies are never used. Geoff prefers to engage with his audience during the entire presentation. Due to this, Skyworks Planetarium has received some wonderful feedback. Below are just a few comments from very satisfied schools.

"Fascinating. Could finally recognise constellations. Worksheets were highly useable, especially the follow-up. The kids were still talking about it at the end of the week."

-Gorokan Public School


"That was the best thing ever. Great worksheets used straight away."

- Ferncourt Public School


"Fitted into the Space unit well. Terrific. 10 out of 10. Loved the dome, really different, well organised, appropriate to all levels."

- Elermore Vale Public School

"Students loved it. Geoff was excellent and was very happy to work through what we wanted. We appreciated this."

- Queenwood School for Girls

"Children said it was the most excellent thing they had been to! Very informative. Presented really well - age appropriate."

- Killara Public School

"Children were all very enthusiastic about the unit of study after attending the planetarium - Quite awesome. The content and presentation was invaluable in creating a real night sky experience."

- Chatswood Public School

"Very educational - Well presented. The performance was extremely valuable when supported by before and after class activities."

- Richmond Public School

"Excellent. Students were enthralled!"

- Nuwarra Public School

"Awe and excitement! Geoff had a lovely manner, tone of voice and was able to explain information clearly to the children at their level. Thank you Geoff. The Librarian commented that Geoff set things up very well, and organised and disciplined the children beautifully."

- Sutherland Shire Christian School

"Excellent. Students loved the whole hour programme. Very positive. Excellent level for Year 4. Informative and fun. Everyone really enjoyed the lesson."


- Sydney Grammar School 

"Loved it. They really loved the atmosphere of sitting in the dome and feeling like you're under the sky. Thank you. All students and teachers really enjoyed the performance."

- Heckenberg Public School

"Wow, that was great! That was really interesting. I really enjoyed that. Geoff was very knowledgeable about the subject. He he answered children's questions and had a great rapport with them. He was very eager to share his knowledge."


- Our lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School 

My class thought it was the best excursion they had ever been to. One child said it was better than the zoo or aquarium. It was an excellent presentation. The planetarium was awe inspiring and follow up resources are fantastic. Thanks you so much."

- Wahroonga Public School

"They had a great time. Loved the planetarium itself. Thought the whole experience was very cool. A wonderful enrichment activity that enabled children to share what they know and extend their knowledge. Very interesting to them."

- Gymea Bay Public School

"They were so excited! The experience validated their learning efforts. "Amazing", "I loved seeing my constellation in the sky. Geoff was excellent. He spoke at a level the children understood. Was clear with his expectations and encouraged their excitement in the topic."

- Immaculate Heart of Mary Primary School

"All students and staff were very impressed. Very thought provoking. An excellent presentation that we'd love to have each year at our school."

- Macarthur Anglican School

"Very positive overall. Geoff is a skillful and competent presenter of material. The facility was excellent."

- Hurlstone Agricultural College

"Answered questions at appropriate level of students. Very knowledgeable. Students were engaged during the presentation, and were looking forward to presentations asking, "when is it our turn." All those who had seen it were discussing with others in the playground. They really enjoyed it."

- Freeman Catholic College

"The children were fascinated by the planetarium. They are still talking about it a week later. Geoff was very efficient and easy to work with. He did everything. All we needed to do was provide the space. Everyone involved including the teachers, office staff and students were very impressed."

- Mount Annan Public School

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