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COVID-19 Safety For Planetarium Visits

Skyworks planetarium has successfully resumed operating with COVID-19 protocols in place. Accompanying each booking is a COVID Safety Plan which has worked extremely well. Geoff is triple vaccinated.

Mitigating The Risk of Potential Spread

  • Each class member and teacher will be required to use the supplied hand sanitizer.

  • Air circulation within school indoor environments is a huge concern. Although enclosed, the dome has a continuous flow of fresh air pumping in from the space outside. "Old air" escapes through breather holes as it is constantly replaced by fresh air. The total volume of air within the dome is gradually replaced every 10 minutes or so.


  • Not only will Geoff wear a face mask, his voice will be amplified via a small headset microphone. This further prevents potential viral transmission by hugely reducing high-pressure exhalation during his commentary. (The same reason singing in public is sometimes banned).

  • There will be perspex shields either side of where Geoff sits providing an excellent two-way barrier.


  • Relevant surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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